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Forza Kemika Ag., Inc.

Has been in the business of direct marketing and distributing of more than 100 kinds of chemical products for various industries for over 2 decades now. Since its incorporation in 1994, it has developed effective solutions for:

Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals
Preventive Maintenance Chemicals
Pest Control Chemicals


It has always been the objective of the company to create a name that clients can trust and rely upon by offering superior quality products and services.



The company adheres to its vision of providing unparalleled performance to expand the horizon of its business and create a good reputation to gain its customers’ trust.

Our Team

Our team of professional engineers and chemists have extensive background and experience in formulating the designed mixture for any specific need of our client. Aside from operating our own laboratory, we also provide on-site rigid analysis of the existing chemical situation in our clients’ facilities.